About EBSCO Income Properties

We are a community-focused, growth- and value-oriented owner, investor, and asset manager/operator of market rate conventional multifamily housing.

EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EBSCO Industries, Inc., seeks to acquire and maintain an investment portfolio of multifamily assets that outperform the market regarding returns for EBSCO and its co-investors. By fulfilling the sponsorship role for the acquisition of institutional-quality multifamily assets in the Southeastern United States and Texas, EBSCO’s investment goals are to provide a platform to achieve the greatest return possible while mitigating as much risk as possible.

Our principal business objective is to achieve the greatest total rate of return from our investments through a combination of current income, value creation, and capital appreciation. We strive to meet our objectives through:

  • Acquisitions: identifying, underwriting, and financing quality multifamily investments.
  • Value Creation: making upgrades to the physical plant to set assets apart from competing properties and enhancing the services offered to residents that will result in income appreciation.
  • Management Operations: using experience, scale and technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of day-to-day management to attract and retain residents while increasing income and reducing our general and administrative costs.
  • Debt/Capital Markets Focus: identifying and managing our cost of capital by using prudent positive leverage that is largely term-specific non-recourse fixed rate.