Property Management

Stonegate Clubhouse

EBSCO Income Properties, LLC, has a strategic partnership with Matrix Residential for the day-to-day management of the properties it acquires. 

Formed by Pollack Shores Real Estate Group, whose senior management has a combined 100-year track record of success, Matrix brings a unique combination of highly trained individuals with experience of managing projects throughout the Southeast. Its employees are experienced in all areas of multifamily real estate management, including property management, development, acquisitions, leasing, finance, and construction management, with a focus on process-driven and results-oriented operations.

Matrix’s current portfolio includes over 20,000 units throughout the Southeast, Florida, Virginia and Texas.

The following excerpt from Matrix’s website ( defines the Mission Statement and values which have driven their success:

The Matrix Mission:  Creating exceptional experiences for the people who live with us, work with us and invest with us.

When it comes to managing communities, The Matrix Mission captures the promises we make to every resident, every property and every client. It’s more than words – it’s what we bring to work every day.

  • People
    An exceptional team – that says it all. We hire right, we train, we mentor. We partner with only the best, most committed people who are passionate about what they do. It’s about doing whatever it takes to exceed expectations – then doing a little more.
  • Integrity
    There are lots of ways to be successful. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest way, but it is the most important. It’s not just your reputation – it’s ours too.
  • Results
    We act like we own the place – in a good way. Our highly-professional quality of work is measured with balanced metrics, and we are always striving to improve performance. Our entrepreneurial culture rewards team members for creating value and finding innovative solutions.
  • Experience
    Everything matters. Our goal is to create memorable experiences for our residents, employees, clients, vendors and anyone who comes across our path. We want every experience to be a positive one.
  • Innovation
    Think outside the box? With us, there is no box. Our efforts to be forward-thinking and flexible put us a step ahead. If there’s a faster, smoother, more efficient way to do something, we’ve got it covered. We customize strategies that are relevant, current and effective for every target market.
  • Service
    We are dedicated to serving our residents and contributing to our local neighborhoods. Our team members do their part by displaying great customer service, supporting nonprofits and participating in industry associations.

Contact for Matrix Residential: 
Karen Key
Sr. Director of Property Management